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Goats/skinny goat and pregnant doe questions..


I have a buck goat that is a little over a yr old. He has always been a little on the skinny side for my taste. I let some one barrow him for a month and when he came home he was emaciated! You could count his ribs and see his back leg bones. That was in Oct. I did wormed him with safegaurd the same day he came home. He has not really gained any weight. You can still count his ribs and feel his back bone. Also when he came home his dropings were very dry.I fed him and the next day I saw they were like a cow patty and very moist. Not watery but close. Now he goes between clumps of poop to thick cow patties!Not sure what happend to him or how to fix him. I have in the girls pen because they are not as mean as the boys. He is so frail looking I was scared to put him in with the others. But in 6 weeks he's going in with them because it will be kidding time.  Also on a totaly different subject....I have been feeding my does a 12% protein feed for 3 of the 5 months of pregnancy. The first 6 weeks I feed 16% and the last 6 weeks I feed 16%. Last yr it worked out great. A fellow goat owner told me that's what she dose because she had problems with very large kids and does having truble kidding. Is this a good way to care for my pregnant does? What do you think? I know it's a little late for this kidding season, but I learn for the next years season! Sorry so long, but thank you very much!!

I would get some valbazen and deworm him again. You give it orally over the back of the tongue at twice the cow dose by weight. Start giving him a combination of sunflower seeds, oats or barley and alfalfa pellets to try to get weight on him. Also make sure he has good browse. Make sure he has hot water in the winter and drinks plenty. It is probably a good idea to have him separate until he recovers. You may want to consider making him a temporary separate pen.

The girls do not need grain at all during the first 3 months of pregnancy. the kids only really grow the last two. It is important to make sure that they also get alfalfa those last two months because their calcium needs increase. Add it gradually to avoid problems.

Get Goat Health Care to learn more about pregnancy care. I am also working on a book on Goat Midwifery, but that is still in the future.

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