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Goats just all of a sudden have shown up with this virus.  Unfortunately the ones that have it just had kids and we had to separate them from the herd with their kids. Is there anything we can do to help them and keep the rest of the herd from getting this?  We just keep watch and hope this has not been passed on to the others.  We also had a baby born with weak frtont ankles, I read your fix for this can you tell me how to make the splint for her baby?

You may want to separate and bottle feed the kids. If they get it they can infect mom's udder. Otherwise, separating them will help prevent the others from getting it. However, when my goats got it years ago, only three out of about 20 even got it. There really is no treatment and some may be immune. You can watch for secondary infection and treat that. If they have it bad enough to affect eating, you can give hydrated food.

On the front legs, if they are not already getting stronger, get some of that vet wrap and wrap ( not too tight) the legs to give some strength to them. I would check every day and even take off at night. These normally get better on their own. The splint written about in goat health care was out of toilet paper roll and duct tape. You need to fashion your own, depends on size of kid.

Good luck with them all!  


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