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QUESTION: Well as of tonight it looks as if Zee is doing good. His butt has been clean all day, same with the calf. As for Chester, when I got him tonight he is still scouring pretty bad. He has 2 doses of Sulmet and pepto today. I will continue for 4 more days. How long would I give to see a change?  Should I wait a day or two before worming?He is still acting normal

ANSWER: Thanks for the update.  Glad to hear the calf and Zee are clearing up.  Should see an improvement by tomorrow in the other little one.  If he is still scouring tonight would watch for dehydration and losing body temperature - as that can happen quickly with kid goats.  Would wait about 5 days out before worming.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Just did my morning checks, all 3 have clean butts this morning, outside of the loose stool that froze in their lag and butt hair thru all this cold!  lol
I gave meds this morning and will continue to do so. After all of this, without seeing them actually poop, how am I to know that theya re not contstipated?  Just wondering.  I did check Chester's temp. It is 98.2.  A bit low but I see no change in his actions.  Should I just watch him? He is drinking water and eating hay. Momma is trying to wean him but he gets a suck now and then.  I hate to bring him in at his age because I think he will pine for the other and probably cause more ill effects.  Or should I offer him a warm bottle ( which should be fun with him) to see if he will drink and maybe warm him up a bit?  Just dont know as of now.   No rush on ur reply and thank u once again.  I dont know where I would have been without u these last couple months.  I say  No More Winter Babies!!!

Thanks for the update.  Glad all are dry this a.m. Would continue the Sulmet but no need for more pepto currently.  Re Chester's temp - it is a bit on the cool side and I suspect from the weather but I would offer him a warm bottle if possible, a bit early for weaning - I know the books all say 8 weeks but in the winter that's just not a good option for many kid goats as they need all those extra vitamins and minerals for the winter cold.  Keep up the great work.  Donna


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