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Goats/wether still lethargic


Donna- wether still lethargic and laying down in hut. He goes from getting up to being sick-acting again. I have given: LA-200, probiotics, baking soda, Ivermectin, Potassium Citrate, Lemon Juice, Coke, B Complex, Milk of Magnesia, aspirin, and ginger ale! He appears to be urinating, but it is still blood-tinged, bowel movement, but hard pellets. We have seen him drinking and eating. He was with his mom and sisters but now is by himself again. I have run out of options!   Jane J

Hi there - have you had a chance to take a temperature?  No baking soda and no coke or ginger ale.  Glad he is urinating.  You said he is giving hard pellets - but these are normal pellets for a goat, just a little hard/dry?  I would start him on an oral antibiotic - assuming he has a urinary infection - this would be Sulmet liquid or tetracycline powder or duramycin powder - the liquid is 1.5 ml per 15 pounds body weight twice a day; either of the powders are 1 teaspoon twice a day; whichever treatment would be for 7 days.  Would continue with the aspirin and probiotics and vitamin B complex.  You can add the potassium citrate to his water.  Would not give milk of magnesia if he is pooping normally, which sounds like he is - the "hard" pellets would be due to not drinking enough water.  Let me know - Donna


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