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Goats/wether with UC?


Hi Donna- I gave my wether some milk of magnesia, lemon juice, and some baking soda in a syringe drench. I also massaged his rumen for a long time. When I did this I did not hear any sounds coming from it. This morning I went out and gave him some more lemon and citrate. I noticed his bloat was gone, his tail was up and I noticed some blood-tinged liquid, I assume urine, underneath him. He was also back with his mom and two sisters, drinking and eating. Now I don't know what helped him! What do I do to maintain this equilibrium?   Jane J

Thanks for the update.  So, from the blood tinged liquid, which is most likely urine - this sounds like it was urinary calculi or a urinary tract infection.  Would keep up with lemon juice for two more doses to clean him out, along with the citrate, and also keep up with the LA200 for another 2 doses.  He definitely sounds like he had bloat and I am assuming he has been pooping now?  Nice job - keep me updated - Donna


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