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Goats/yearling new mother blood in udder


QUESTION: I have a yearling mix breed doe that had a kid yeserday un expectedly after we found her and the baby I noticed the baby was not suckling so i put the mom (snow flake ) on the milking stand and tryed to milk all I got was very thick yellow milk almost like butter. this morning I got milk on ome side and blood all blood on the other she does look the she mite have a bruise on the one teat. what do you think i should do .vet is out of town till tuesday.

The yellow stuff is colostrum. It has all he antibodies and nutrients the any needs to survive. I hope you fed the colostrum to bay. Keep trying to get baby to nurse. Pole for feeding schedule. Use hot/warm compresses on udder. Keep milking twice a day, but be gentle with damaged side. Keep milk from good side separate and feed good stuff to baby. I've mom plenty of water, some electrolytes, make sure they are safe, warm and well- fed.

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QUESTION: their are clots in the blood is this ok no milk just blood and clots

I am sorry, I misunderstood. Mastitis will cause the blood and clots, so you will need to treat for that. Go buy a product called Today, an intramammary infusion that you can put right into that teat. Use half a day for two days. Take her temperature, as well. If the mastitis is really bad, you will need to treat systemically.  


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