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Goats/baby pygmy with crusted white stuff in ears


just got a baby pygmy baby has been shaking it head i noticed inside ears were crusted white stuff when i rubbed them it just started falling out of the ear i have an ointment called panolog can i use that for the goat or should i use the olive oil

Sounds like it could be ear mites.  Would use human mineral oil twice a day to the ears and then let the goat shake the excess out itself.  You can also use cat ear mite preparations.  Both of these suffocate the mites, they die and then are shaken out.  Would do this for 5 days.  Is the goat otherwise eating well?  Peeing and pooping well?  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna

PS The panolog is more of an antibiotic cream and that will not kill the mites.  


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