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Hi EmilyI have a half dozen goats,the beginning of a meat goat herdthe start up was with 2 Nubian,all have been fine and pasturing(landclearing) which they have done very well all summer.The other day they went out to pasture in the morning and came back in the evening as usual but 1 of the Nubians was not walking well upon investigating I realized her neck was bent to one side and she had trouble with balance.I have kept her in for a few days and fed and cared for her as I have researched and spoken to many people who have sent me in many directions of which I have appreciated and researched(listeria,wry neck etc etc) but after all I think it is a physical injury.she went out fine and came back in 4 hours with a bent neck,shes not in any pain and maintains personality and appetite.I have an appointment with the vet on wed but the more I investigate the more it seems I should try to brace her neck to help it straighten out,when I hold her head up and straighten her neck out she seems to be comfortable.
My question to you is this kind of thing anything you have ever heard of happennning.

So sorry Charlie for the late response! To my understanding the goat has a lumpy think in her neck? Is her head still facing forward or is I turned with the neck? I think it's possible to be an abscess of some sort. A photo would clarify better.
If it were a bone or muscular issue she would not be acting 'normal'.
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