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Goats/boer goat/ wild dog attack/right front leg


Thanks for your help. Six days ago three wild dogs dug under the fence and attacked, I was there so able to stop the attack.  Pretty Girl was bitten around face and front leg. I cleaned then to the barn. Tuesday still not able to put any pressure on and has inflammation so giving her LA 200 3 cc once daily (today is Thursday). Stretching her leg (slowly) each day. What do I do next, please help!

Is she eating and drinking?  What is her temperature? (anything over 102.5 is a fever which indicates an infection).  I would change her to penicillin at 3 cc/100 pounds twice daily for 5 days to cover for most all bacteria.  Is the leg swollen? I would give her a CDT (which has tetanus in it) toxoid booster vaccination of 2 cc or you could use tetanus toxoid booster to cover for tetanus.  Since they are wild dogs unfortunately you will not be able to cover for possible rabies.  When a goat is on any antibiotic they also need to be on probiotics to keep their rumen functioning well - I use yogurt thinned with a little water and given as an oral drench twice a day - or you can use livestock probiotic gel or powder.  You can also give her human 325 mg aspirin at one 325 mg per 100 pounds body weight, every 4 hours to help with pain and inflammation.  You can also give her a homeopathic medication called Arnica montana that helps with trauma to bones and muscles - this is a human medication and works well for livestock.  Five of the pellets given orally (or you can dissolve in a little hot water, cool and give the water mixture orally) - dosing is once and then 2 hours later and then you can repeat again the following day.  Hope this helps.  So glad you were there to stop any more injuries.  Let me know - Donna


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