My vet gave me instructions to treat my doe for mastitis.  He said to inject banamine and excenel.  He thought milking her out and giving the milk to her baby would help (he is 3 days old and I have been giving him her milk, she doesn't completely reject him but he's not nursing and she's not encouraging him).  A tech in the vet's office has goats and knows probably more than he does, and she said I need to infuse penicillin into each teat.  She gave me the metal tip, and I was unsuccessful in getting it to insert.  I just lost round 1 with mama so I sat down to research on the net, and I see that someone said to always throw the milk away!  So do I give it to baby (and do the penicillin after I milk her), or not?  I am going to try to put him on another doe if she'll take him, but in the meantime... and any advice on how to insert the tip into the teat would be great.  I am really in over my head here. Help???

Always throw away the milk. It's infected with bacteria. I would go to tractor supply and buy the mastitis treatment kit. The injection needs to to in the teat where the milk comes out. If tractor supply doesn't have it you can order it from caprine goat supply offline. Pcill works but its better if you get a medication specific to mastitis.



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