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QUESTION: We got a buckling that was 4 weeks old on May 2nd. He is getting bigger-along with the doe. They were always in the same pen. Because we figured he would not be fertile for at least 5 months. We were wrong, and later we found out that they can be bred at 7 weeks. I am pretty sure the doe is getting fatter weekly. And her udder is about a 2 and 1/2 drop of her belly. Other experts thought that she might be pregnant with 1 kid, or 2 small ones. But I am not sure since she has never been pregnant before. Also Lilly is getting slower and slower literally every day, as well as getting fatter. I don't know. I guess I wanted to know what other experts think, because some may not be as accurate. Anyways, she is most likely about 4 months ( as said by other expert ). Thanks for taking the time to help.

ANSWER: Sorry for the delay in answering.  Intact male goats are able to breed a doe at 2 months of age.  And a doe can be bred that early too - very unfortunate.  What breed of goat is the doeling and how much does she pay. What breed is the buck? If the buck is a larger breed than the doeling then kidding could be difficult if not fatal to both doeling and kid goat.  How far along do you think she is?  Let me know about my questions - thanks - Donna

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QUESTION: It was not your fault about the delay, it's perfectly okay. Anyway, the buck is smaller than her. He is only about 10 months now. And Lilly the doe is actually is about 6 years ( I might have mentioned that before ). And she possibly about 4 months along. Both of them are of the same breed - Nigerian Dwarf's. I have had the doe all her life and she has never been bred before.
Although I am not sure what you mean by ' How much does she pay. ' So sorry I don't know. Anyway, thanks so much!

Thanks for the update.  I took the "she is most likely about 4 months" to be her age.  Also, sorry about the "pay", meant weigh - wow, that was a real typing error.  

Okay, so since they are the same breed and most likely close to the same size it should be no issue with kidding/breeding.  Sometimes when a doe is low on selenium their hormones don't kick in enough so they can be bred.  Certainly sounds like she is pregnant.  I would watch her pelvic ligaments as once these are gone (can't feel anymore) the doe is usually 36 to 48 hours out from kidding.  With Nigerian Dwarf goats they generally have one or two for immature does/younger does, and for older goats usually two to four kids born.  

Hope that helps - let me know - Donna


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