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Goats/Pygmy Goat rapid breathing, not laying down


We gave our pygmy goat antibiotics a few weeks ago for rapid breathing -thinking it might be pneumonia. Also dewormed him and our other two goats with ivermectin apple flavor gel in the same time period. He did have a runny nose a few days later. Pellets are extremely small. Overall he got slightly better. Still interested in food, still drinking water. Lately -the last few nights he has been coughing. There is tons of pollen outside in the last few days also. The straw in the barn (converted 10x10 shed) seems like some of the powder might go up his nose (when his head is down while sleeping) so I placed a blanket where his nose would normally end up if he fell asleep. Months prior to his not feeling well we had very hot temps and humidity -strange thing was that he was still laying out in the sun (rapid breathing seemed like the way to cool his body so I was not too concerned, but I don't understand completely why he would be in the sun during the heat of the day. He is 50 lbs. We have had him since 05-08 and he may be around 7-8 years old. Other goats have no problems. He was our portly goat (according to the vet) and we were recently told to switch food to Orchard from alfalfa hay. now it is about 1/2 & 1/2 so far. None receive grains, all wethers. Have access to elm leaves and it is a favorite treat that we give them often. Bought ProBios and some yogurt. Have Zithromax on hand for Pneumonia as the other antibiotic worked only for about 10 days. Now he is back to not feeling well. Lower teeth now seem like buck teeth. strange.

Sounds to me like he just has bad allergies. Does he have weepy eyes? A change in hay or season can cause a flare up in allergies. Children's allergy medicine can relieve his symptoms. As he he's older his immune system and allergies can progressively get worse. I would keep giving him the antibiotics jut to be safe and maybe put a wood chip bedding down. Something with little dust.

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