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Hi There Donna,
How is everything & everybody goats too!! Hope alls well! I have a sad story to tell u u know this person raising boer goats on this island & he had 2 mama boers & 3 babies & these 2 thugs came & stole the 1 mama who was pregnant & 2 babies i'm assuming to sell or consume them for drugs & they showed it on T.V b/c they wanted to catch these people who stole them they showed the 2 babies w/duct tape over their eyes so they wouldn't cry this is so so so SAD it brought tears to my eyes. The owner/owners went on T.V to plead for whomever stole them to return them but to no avail.. The good news is that they caught these people & fined them also jail time... It just infuriates me to know that these people can be so so cruel to animals without feeling any pity for them. Then i start to think about Migi & all the kind people who are fond of animals & have an appreciation for them makes me get through the day.. I miss Migi alot and often think about lucky Migi was to have me even though i couldn't give him more than the care he needed. But thats okay he had my LOVE & COMPANIONSHIP & we were grateful for having each other. Anyways i'll keep in touch & u take care of those goats & babies & make sure they go to loving & caring homes...Luv u Donna Take care & i'll talk to u soon!

Me & Migi

Hi there - I saw that story - it is so sad.  I'm lucky to have a livestock guardian dog who runs the perimeter and has a great strong bark when he sees people or dogs who don't belong.  Yes, Migi was lucky to have you.  We're fine here - last two kids are now 6 weeks of age and growing well.  Take care - love to you and Migi always.  Donna


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27 years health care/nutrition of all types of goats, 17 years experience in packgoats, 20 years experience in 4H goat projects as leader, superintendent and judge. 20 years experience in putting on goat care/nutrition seminars.

NAPgA, The Evergreen Packgoat Club, 4H, ADGA.

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