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we have a one year old nigerian wether that keeps trying to breed with all my girls and he is getting very rough and pushy  with them, not to mention that he smells very musky.  Someone told me that the breeder may not have wethered him totally and that one testicle may have not decended all the way.  Is this possible and can he get them pregnant?.. I am getting frustrated with him because he is being so mean to the girls.  Can you help me?

Hi Sally, it is very possible. However you would KNOW if he only had one testie drop as only one would have been in the scrotum. Do you recal him having two or just one? Also I have heard that if you just the method of crushing the spermatic cord rather than surgery or banding it can sometimes make them still act Bucky. If he does have a remaining testical then he can breed easily.  


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