QUESTION: i have a doe with bottlejaw, plus she have 3 nursing kids. i dont know what to do? first of all with the kids should i remove them and nurse them myself so they are not draining the mom. and how should i take care of the mom.

ANSWER: Bottlejaw is caused by severe anemia.  When you say bottle jaw you are specifically speaking of the entire lower jaw as being puffed up, correct?  Or is only the neck area near the jaw puffed up? Is the doe eating and drinking well? Is the color of the doe's inner lower eyelids white to extremely light pink? Anemia in an otherwise healthy animal caused by the barber pole worm.  Is the doe otherwise peeing and pooping well?  Let me know and I will get back to you with more specific instructions for the doe.

If this is true bottle jaw/anemia then the doe would need to be treated for the barber pole worm as well as giving her extra iron to replenish her red blood cells to correct the anemia.  If the doe is producing plenty of milk and otherwise seems okay the treatment for the barber pole worm (use of oral horse wormer called Safeguard-this is a paste- using three times the doe's weight to find the dose on the plunger, then set the lock, and give orally - you repeat this dose once every 7 to 10 days for three doses) and use of human iron supplements works well (also oral) to help with the anemia, this regimen should not hurt the kid goats at all.  Let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: under her jaw is puffed up and the inside of her eyelids are white. she is eating and drinking well and pooping well. she is not producing that much milk. and should i use the safeguard for horses or there is one for goats.

Thanks for the update.  Does sound like barber pole worm anemia.  If she is not producing much milk probably would switch kids over to bottle feeding, if you can, or at least get them to take an extra bottle a day or even two, depending on their age, to keep them in good health.  Re the Safeguard, yes, this is the horse oral paste wormer - this works much beter than the liquid for goats.  Hope this helps - Donna


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