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QUESTION: My friend has an adult goat who has had diarrhea for at least a month.  She tested positive for coccoidosis (spelling?), and was treated for a full month.  They have tried probiotics and give her free access to hay, but the diarrhea will not stop.  The other goats are healthy.  I was thinking of suggesting Bio-sponge.  What dose would you use for an adult Alpine doe?

ANSWER: When you say the doe tested positive for coccidiosis, was the diarrhea green?  If not green then it was not the cocci causing the diarrhea - every goat has cocci in their system/poop sample.   What color is the diarrhea?  What is the doe's current temperature (measurement please)?  What color are her lower inner eyelids? What feed regimen do they have her on? What type of hay is she on? Let me know - thanks - Donna

Forgot to ask another question - if indeed the diarrhea was green what treatment did they use for the coccidiosis?

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QUESTION: The diarrhea is brown.  I don't have the other information.  She belongs to a friend of mine.  They took her to the vet and received a 4 week treatment for the coccidiosis.  Her energy is good, and she is maintaining her weight.  At first she lost weight, but she has gained some back.  My friend ordered some Bio-sponge.  They feed her Antler Max Texture Complete.  She has eaten it for years.  I will have to check on the hay, but they have bought hay from the same person for years.  I know they supplement with alfalfa.  She also has about 20 acres to roam, but usually stays close to the barn.

Thanks for the info.  Brown diarrhea would indicate digestive upset or a bacterial cause.  If they are using sulmet or corid for the supposed cocci treatment, that can help with bacterial issues, but is not the best antibacterial.  She at the same time should have probiotics to keep her rumen functioning well.  Biosponge is great for intestinal issues but during the time you give this it should be mixed with peptobismol and the goat also needs probiotics at the same time.  If her lower inner eyelids are white to light pink the diarrhea could be caused by the barber pole worm anemia that is causes.  Hope this helps - let me know if you get more information - Donna


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