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Hi Donna.
I am wanting to dry off Lola who ia producing 3-4 litres of milk and i have been milking her just in the mornings. Do I just stop milking her and keep an eye on her? I milked her out a little yesterday to releive some of the pressure but the advice is different and i have been told just to stop completely...just looks so uncomfortable for her -although she seems happy enough.
Also her year old kid has precocious udder she was born with and that has gotten enlarged now that it is spring - do i need to do anything about that or just leave it? She doesnt seem in any way bothered by it. ( she is definately not pregnant)
Thanks Donna.

Hi there - I dry off the does in the following way: Stop giving them any grain (and if they are on alfalfa they also need to be off of that), milk them out completely one day, over the next 2 days (continuing with no grain) if the udder becomes tense and seems uncomfortable you can milk off a little to relieve the pressure, continuing with no grain over the next 7 days you should see that the udder starts to become less tense and soft and no milk production.  Usually by day 5 of this regimen the mammary system will stop.  Re the year old doeling, as long as her udder is not hot to touch or hard you should not need to do anything for her - and, as you mention it does not seem to bother her so I suspect it is fine.  Also, being on a high protein diet can cause the precocious udders to become larger.    Hope this helps - Donna


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