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Hi Donna.
sorry i couldnt find way to keep on that same stream so started a new question page...
I milked about a pint off each side of Lola this morning as her udder was just looking so huge and tense and that took the pressure off but udder is still big and full looking.
I havent done this b4 so im not sure if it is o.k to just leave her like that, i know there is risk of mastitis etc. Her udder feels good and is soft and healthy feeling  BUT SO FULL! She seems perfectly o.k just looks like it is too full to be left.
I was wondering though if i should milk her all the way out and start again as maybe she will be making less milk by now and udder wont get so full?? Maybe?
Or should i just do what i am doing and milk out a bit to just take the pressure off and hope that eventually she will stop?
Is it usual for goats to have such a full tense udder when drying off?  ( all the info i have is on dairy goats and making more milk , none on drying off a goat).
Anything more at all you can suggest or tell me would be great!
Thanks so much.

Hi there - some does do get a large udder for days before their mammary system finally shuts off.  And, sometimes any milking at all will stimulate the mammary system to stay active.  As long as she looks fine, eating and drinking well, except for the large udder, I would hold off on milking her even a little for at least 3 days, sometimes it takes up to 5 days before you see the udder starting to even out and not get any bigger.  Also, once you feel the udder getting colder that indicates that the mammary system is shutting down.  The softness of the udder is excellent and indicates that it should not be causing her much discomfort at all.  Hope this helps - Donna


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