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Goats/Freshened doe has very little milk


I have a 4th freshening Nigerian Dwarf doe who has been milked for several years; within the various previous lactations. Her first two freshenings yielded 3 kids each and the doe handles dam raising her kids easily. this time she kidded with a single doeling and the doe has very little milk.  We do supplement the doeling and the doeling is obviously getting some milk.  The doe's (Mom) udder is loose and flabby and obviously has very little milk, which IS NOT normal for this doe.

I have increased her alfalfa intake (availability) and now am giving her grain.  I'm planning on top dressing her grain with Fennel, Fenugreek and Red Raspberry.  

Do you have any suggestions as to what could make this doe have this problem and also what I can do about it?  

Thanks so very much. Baby is obviously getting milk, as she jumps and plays. yet I am worried that the doe doesn't have enough milk.

Being she had a single doe kid means sea going to produce the amount of milk to feed a single doe kid. Naturally it's going to be 1/3 the amount she normal produces. BUT just to be sure, have you wormed her? A parasite can cause a lack of milk. I remove the kid during the day and milk her at night to see how much she's giving. If it's enough to fill the kids belly then she's ok. If not I would call the vet and ask for a test for an unseen illness


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