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Hi Donna,

I am hoping you can shed some light on my goat for me.  I have only been a goat owner for about 10 months and our goat was actually a stray that no one claimed and we were unable to find her original home.  Isabella (breed and age unknown - my best guess is a boer) started limping about a week ago.  This weekend with the help of a friend to restrain her I was able to look at her hoof and found a rock that I was able to remove.  Her hooves need trimmed which I hope to accomplish this weekend, but she is still limping.  Sometimes it is more pronounced that other times and seems worst after she has been resting for a while.  I am wondering if her hoof may be bruised from the small rock I removed and if there is anything I can do to help it heal or if I need to be looking for another cause.  I am a prior small animal vet tech, so not afraid to give things a try.  I am currently looking for a large animal vet in my area as well just in case. I have tried to restrict her from moving around too much, but she knows how to escape her pen/yard, so that has been complicating things.


Is she running a fever? anything over 102.5 is a fever and usually indicates an infection.  Is the lower leg/hoof warm to touch? Is she otherwise eating and drinking well?  What feed regimen do you have her on?  This could be simply an injury and the limp will go away.  Or this could be an infection.  Or this could be a hoof trim issue.  I do have to say that even if you found a large animal vet most of them, unfortunately are not experienced in goats.  Let me know about the above questions.  Am glad you removed the rock, and indeed that could be all it was.  

I was just going to log out as I will be on the road for the next 7 hours - but, with that said, I do have my cel phone on and would be happy to take a call from you - give me a call - 360-742-8310  - Donna


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