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Goats/My Pygmy and boher mix acts like something wrong


QUESTION: He has been fine I changed food cause the man at the tractor supply said that this was better well now I have problems he isn't eating  barely drinking not grazing   What can I do?

ANSWER: How old is he?  What type of feed did you change him to and how long ago did you change it.  Is he peeing and pooping?  He could have a digestive upset or he could have the start of enterotoxemia from the change in feed or he could have constipation/bloat.  Please let me know the answers to my questions and I will get back to you with more specific diagnosis choices.  Thanks - Donna

Hi there - had not heard back from you and wanted to give some ideas re your goat - I might start him on milk of magnesia to coat his stomach and help with possible over eating/change in diet digestive upset.  1/2 cup per 75 pounds every 2 hours for three doses, given orally.  Would at least start with this - let me know - hope this helps - Donna

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: 6 months old  this what they suggested I get.     I haven't seen him peeped but he is barely pooping  he has only had this food for about 3 days now

Thanks for the info.  The feed is okay for kid goats but should not be fed to wethers or bucks after 9 months of age due to the incorrect calcium to phosphorus ratio which can easily cause urinary calculi.  At his age he would only need about 1 cup twice a day - is this what he is getting?  What roughage/hay is he on? From the first photo it looks like he might be constipated/bloated.  I would start him on human mineral oil (over the counter at many grocery and drug stores as people use this) at 1/4 cup orally to start with and then 4 hours later another 1/4 cup dose.  This will take care of the bloat and/or constipation.  You can mix the milk of magnesia - 1/8 cup of this with 1/8 cup of othe mineral oil - this sometimes is easier for the kid goat to drink/orally drenched as it tastes better.  But either way would start him on this.  I would also give him 2 cc of CDT toxoid (at the feed store) to help with possible secondary enterotoxemia.  If he is not peeing, he could have urinary calculi and if that is the case he would need concentrated lemon juice given orally - is his lower tummy distended as well as his sides?  

Let me know - Donna


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