i just got a Nigerian dwarf doe and she has started vomiting a brown liquid (diarrhea like) and smells horrible I was wondering what would cause this and what kind of treatment would be sufficient

Sorry for the delay in answering.  This could be from eating something poisonous.  This could  be from rumen upset too. How old is she?  What type of pasture is she in? Anything poisonous around the area? Is she eating or drinking at all?  Is she peeing and pooping?  Is she grinding her teeth.  When you say you just got her was it a long distance that she came from?  Would give her milk of magnesia if you have it - this is the human kind - 1/2 cup per 100 pounds body weight now and then repeat in 2 hours.  Force liquids down her if she is not drinking - electrolytes work well - do you know how to orally drench a goat?  Have you taken a temperature?  If you do not have milk of magnesia, pepto bismol would work too - same dosing. I would also give her probiotics - yogurt works well - 2 tablespoons mixed in a little water and then orally drench her with that.   Let me know - Donna


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