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Goats/healthy goat suddenly dies at school during school hours


my daughter had a boer goat.she was healthy, no problems eating,no loose or bloody stools,drank lots of water,no problems the morning that day my daughter feed her the correct amount of feed she ate all of it.after school she went in there and she was dead.i had numerous conversations with the school concerning fertilizer that they placed in one of the stalls.the goat always went under the fence.i put a temp fence to try and keep them out.the ag teacher never called me that the goat had daughter called me.when i got there the teacher had already removed the body and went through her pen.she told my daughter and i they would do a toxicology.the vet came did an autopsy and left.i assumed he took the animal.the next night the vets office called me to let me know what tests were ordered. the teacher didnt have them do the toxicology.she took the animal the day it died and went and buried it without our this aloud since the animal didnt belong to her?then i was told she dug it up 3 weeks after it was buried and did toxicology and it was neg.texas a &m told me it would be impossible to do a test after that long.i am going to file a police report.and she is not replacing the animal my daughter is heartbroken.she was not selling this one.she was a breeder goat

It is very highly possible that she consumed something toxic. Thus why a  toxicology is necessary. Now, about the legal aspect of it all, I'm not sure they will offer you any compensation for her death seeing that it was I'm assuming your choice to keep the animal there and I'm sure that a contact of some sort was written. If I were you I would look over that paperwork an see if anything in there makes them liable for her death. However, because the goat was yours, the ag etcher should not have disposed of it. Especially after saying that those tests were to be performed. Secondly, if the vet did an autopsy they usually do take the body UNLESS the person requests to keep it. I highly doubt that the ag teacher dug up a 3 week old corpse to do a toxicology on. At 3 weeks there is little tissue left to test on. Thus why it can't be done at this stage of decomposition. I would try and file a case but again I would read the contract if there is anything that it doesn't cover anything regarding animal death and disposal.

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