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QUESTION: Hi Donna , I am wondering about this horse wormer ( Equantel Fenbendazolum 1250 mg , 30 Boluses Equine Horse wormer Parasites ) , that's how it is listed . Could this be used for the goats at the same dose for the paste , double the weight ? Not sure what a Bolus is either , or even can be separated into smaller dose's .

ANSWER: If the fenbendazole amount is the same as in the Safeguard horse wormer that should be fine.  Bolus indicates they are large pills - very large pills made for horses and donkeys in particular.  I would say you could use the same dosing regimen as for the paste type but you would have to crush the pills and dissolve in a little hot water - otherwise in goats pills just do not dissolve correctly in their 4-stomach system.  Hope that helps - Donna

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QUESTION: Hi Donna , yes the parasites it attacks is the same as with the paste . It's only 20 + 10 shipping , one pill will worm five goats x 30 pills equals 150 worming's . I'm going to try it , but I have the other on hand just in case . I have an unrelated question , about Nell a supposed pregnant Doe . She bred early and is supposed to freshen 21-28 of this month . I noticed a month ago she started making milk , and has a fairly good supply on board . A month ago she looked very pregnant , lately she does not , her bellie is hanging low and upper sides are sunk in . She is however in very good shape according to the lumbar exam . I did a feel around looking for kids and I can't find anything . Is it possible she has a false pregnancy going on ? If by January she hasn't delivered is it safe to milk her , shame to waste if she is going to lactate ? She has been in a pen for a while now so if a miscarriage I would have noticed . Thanks

I looked at websites are the wormer - sounds like it will do the trick - but, again, it must be crushed and dissolved for goat use.   Re Nell - usually most does drop in their belly about the last 2 weeks of pregnancy along with looking "hollow" on either side.  Feeling on the lower right hand side with the flat of your hand you should be able to feel some kicking.  Will this be her first kidding?  Was she one that was not in the best of shape when you got her?  If either of these questions are true it is possible the kid or kids are extremely small - and difficult to feel under all the abdomen organs.  It is possible she lost the kids early - sometimes they even get consumed by the uterus so you don't see miscarriage discharge - or it is possible she could have a false pregnancy.  The milk should be fine to use.  Have you milked her to see if there is any colostrum?  Has she lost her pelvic ligaments yet?  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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