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QUESTION: Hi Donna Merry Christmas . I have a friend that has a very pregnant goat , that yesterday went off her food other than a bit of picking . She is taking water and molasses , and a bit of vege scraps . She is alert but seems to like just to lay there with not much else going on . There is no movement in the abdomin he states , but she is due now , so this would not be abnormal i believe . Not sure about her ligaments and he says there is no mucus and udder has noit filled up yet again this all can happen after birth . She will get up and appears strong . I advised him on the side of caution to start her on fast acting pen 6 cc twice a day in case it's a cold or infection of some kind . What do you think ?

ANSWER: Yes, Merry Christimas. And, yes, this certainly sounds abnormal.  If a pregnant doe who is due or even just a few days before the issues could be ketosis or hypocalcemia or pneumonia.  Since her udder has not come down doubt hypocalcemia.  Would have the person smell the goat's breath, if it is "sickly sweet" then that would be ketosis and large amounts of sugar as in molasses or karo syrup are needed.  Covering with penicillin for pneumonia is a good idea.  The other item would be that she is getting ready to kid and and so has gone off feed for that reason - most of my does go off feed 12 to 48 hours prior to kidding.  The pelvic ligaments would certainly be an excellent indicator if she is ready or not.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Hi Donna , well talked with the owner of this girl , and he's stuck listening to a lady that only believe's in homeapathic medicine , nature's way . He told me they are force feeding all this stuff in her and she is now grinding her teeth , so she is in pain for sure , i can only hope this is early stage contraction's , because his answer to this is a bullet in the morning . I told him this is fixable , offered to help as he had asked me to last evening , told him all she need's is penicillan . What a shame , this was one of my girls , a sweet good tempered soul . I knew the day i sold her i should have went with my gut feelings that these people were not good goat people , but i didn't . I've sent this girl to an early death . Anyway i will make sure people in the goat business know about these people , if they love their animals , to steer clear of these guy's . Thank's for your help , can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink , at least not the dum ones .

I am so sorry to hear of these people.  You are right about the grinding of her teeth - that indicates pain but that pain can usually be fixed.  You're welcome to have him call me if you want - I have taken calls before from these really dumb ones who just will not listen easily and most of the times I have taken a direct/sometimes angry talk to get them to listen - sometimes they do listen but sometimes the goat suffers.  Keep me posted - hope he comes to his senses.  


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