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Goats/1 month old goat not eating well


I have two month old goats that we've been bottle feeding since they were 3-4 days old. They were able to nurse those first days, so did receive the colostrum. 4 days ago, one of the goats didn't drink as well, and has been off & on. The other one is still doing well. We took her to the vet 3 days ago, and he diagnosed aspiration pneumonia, gave her a steroid shot and a dose of baytril and sent us home with two more doses. Tonight she got the last dose, and is still not eating well. Her breathing seems to be easier, but she's just not as perky as the other one. We are first time goat owners, and these are 4-H projects for our kids. We were told to give them some calf manna to get them started on eating along with good grass hay and alfalfa to nibble on. We are using a kid milk replacer. Both seem to have round bellies, my husband is wondering if bloat is an issue (he used to work with cattle in a feedyard). Any suggestions on what may be going on or what direction to take?


Is it two one month old goats or two two month old? That could affect my answer. I would get the sick one some probiotics to make up for the bacteria killed by the antibiotic. They do not need alfalfa, as it is quite rich. You could try giving some baking soda in water to see if that changes the bellies or makes the one feel better. Many goat people give it free choice. Worms can also cause round bellies, as well as bloat. Are they on property that has not had goats or sheep n it? Is their poop normal? You could also get electrolytes and feed the sick one those instead of milk for one day and see if it perks her up. Let me know and I will try to help some more.


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