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Goats/2 day old kid not eating


QUESTION: He is one of twins and the largest. He was doing real well.Both are being bottle fed,but they were eating well. They were even playing today when they were with their mother. We keep trying to get them to nurse. Suddenly this afternoon he seem's to be losing his voice and will no longer take his bottle. When he moves he cries. I have gone back to the syringe. But he acts like he really is getting weak. He is drinking a mixture of canned milk and canned goat milk mixed with water and honey. We were able to get some colostrum from his mom yesterday afternoon, but she has not fed either of them. I have them in the house in a playpen so they don't get cold. What should I try. I don't want to lose him. I will call the vet tomorrow. Not sure if he really deals with goats? How can I get his energy back?

ANSWER: I would treat for pneumonia - 1/2 cc twice a day twice a day for three days. Would also start on CDT toxoid at 1 cc now, 2 hours later and again at 4 hours to cover for enterotoxemia.  The crying sounds more like enteroxemia but best to cover for pneumonia too.   Would keep inside.  Poop is okay?  Donna

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: His poop is finally right color and more like little pellets. I started adding molasses and coffee to his milk. I think his milk was to rich and maybe to much at one time. But will ask vet for meds. He is sucking this morning. Has a little more energy since adding molasses and coffee. Thank you. I will let you know.

Molasses is fine - not too much coffee though.  Glad poop is getting back to normal.  The CDT toxoid can be purchased at farm/feed stores along with the 22 gauge 3/4 or 1 inch length needles, which are the best to use.  Most vets do not carry the CDT toxoid.  Thanks for the update.  Donna


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