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Goats/8 week old bottle baby will not eat on own


Ok alot has happened since we last spoke about some of the other problems we were going on. Thought I would just throw this out there and see what you would do.  I have a pygmy doe who will be 8 wks old March 1st.  I have raised her inside since she was 2 days old.  She gets a bottle 3 x day,  nibbles on hay a little more each day but refuses to try any sort of feed or even to drink from bowl.  What do I do? I have tried moving my fingers in the bucket in hopes she will try to dip her head in but she wants no part of it. I have warmed it up everything and still nothing. She goes out on pretty days with the others and Im hoping she catches on from them but while they are eating and drinking she is too busy running around like a wild child.  What can I do to get her to eat and drink on her own? She is way past the normal on at least trying to do it.

Hi there - I usually put some water in a bottle and then let the kid start to drink from the bottle and then put the nipple into the water and the kid goat takes a drink on its own of the water - I may have to do this a few times, but usually they catch on within one or two tries.  Also by 4 weeks of age the kids are on two bottles a day and eating timothy hay nicely.  At 4 weeks I also start them on calf starter/manna - the very small pelleted feed - I usually put a few pellets in their mouth and let them get a taste for it - I then leave a little container of it (where they can't spill it) so they can go to it when they want - which is usually mid day when they are hungry.  I also put one hand in the water bringing a little up in my cupped hand to their mouth which I have pushed down closer to the water.  Hope this helps - Donna


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