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I have boer/kiko cross kids that where boer 12/12/12 (or 9weeks old) and weigh 40 lbs, they are healthy and eating  grain and hay. My Question is when can we wean them?

You can wean as early as 8 weeks old; or if you want to get a little more weight on them you can go to 12 weeks.  Also, depending on what type of hay and grain they are eating (if grain does not have 14% protein at least in it then they still need the milk for the protein to build strong bones and muscles), they may still need milk to grown stronger.  As an example, I bottle raise out kid goats and wean them at 3 months of age along with their eating a general pelleted livestock feed (has 14% protein plus vitamins and minerals including calcium) and they also get calf starter/calf manna (for extra protein, vitamins and minerals) and they get orchard grass hay), these are dairy goat kids.  Hope this helps - Donna


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