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I have babies pygmy goats born 2 days ago. They were nursing well and moving around good. Now all of a sudden they have there head down at there knees. What should i do?

First, bring them inside your house.  Are they peeing and pooping?  What type/color of poop.  Sounds like they may have a pneumonia or may be selenium deficient or may have enterotoxemia.  Do you have any injectable antibiotics? Penicillin is best.  Also get warmed up.  If you can check their temperatures - anything over 102.5 would indicate an infection.  Is the mom doing okay?  Sometimes this is an infection from the mom.  Let me know - call me too if you want - 360-742-8310 Donna

Also, if they have diarrhea that is yellow, if you have CDT toxoid would give them each 1 cc now and again in 2 hours and then again in 2 hours.  Do you have any oral antibiotics available to you?  Will need to feed them from a bottle - use of a human baby bottle/nipple can work well.  Pritchard teats from the feed store work well too - these have a yellow band with a red nipple, fit on water and soda bottles.  Did they get colostrum from the mom okay their first day of life?  Let me know - please do feel free to call anytime - kid goats can go down so quickly.  Donna.


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