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QUESTION: Hi i need help i got three week old female whose mama left after birth ive done fine till today she goes outside with me a plays in flower beds nibbling i feed her doe replacement and electrljyes she has fever 205 and grinding her teeth and shivering she has been sleeping most the day ive been on all kinds of websites gave her baby asprin for fever got her to drink about 2 oz of warm water and made her walk around shes grinding her teeth now wrapped up in a blanket in my lap ive rubbed her sides she went potty it was small and thick should i change her milk ? I cant afford a vet bill but i have plenty of time to take care of her please what can i do she is usually chasing me around thse house and bahhin for me when out of site never had a goat i just took her cuz she was almost dead when i found her on the side of the road way away from the heard....

ANSWER: Is her temp 105 (not 205?)?  That definitely is a fever.  Are her joints hot or swollen to touch? Is her stomach bloated?  What color was the poop?   Do you have any antibiotics available to you now?  Even human antibiotics could help if you had some of these.  Baby aspirin is great or even regular aspirin (325) giving her either half a baby aspirin crushed and dissolved in hot water, cooled and given orally every four hours until the fever breaks.  If you use the 325, then use 1/4 of that and crush and dissolve, again every four hours.  Glad you are getting her to drink.  If the poop is yellow then this may be enterotoxemia which would need antibiotics along with CDT toxoid injections - did she have her first CDT toxoid vaccination at 2 weeks of age?  If the poop is green then she has coccidiosis which would need an oral antibiotic called Sulmet or Corid.  Let me know what you have available.  You are welcome to call me too - Donna 360-742-8310

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QUESTION: Yes sorry.....105 her poop was dark and thick but came out easy. Her belly is warm she just drank a few sips of water and went number one and two. Got her to walk for a min but she jumped back up on love seat and layed down. I dont have any antibotics. Can i get them at co-op? Just gave her more fever reducer. She hasnt had any shots can i biy those also?  She was very thin when i got her . She still grinding her teeth...i read that meams she in pain is this true? I been up most night checkin on her i havent a clue what happened shes been so well untill yesyerday. Did i do something wrong? Thank yoi soooo much for your help.. im very upset that she may die..i just found two pills of ciprofloxacin 500 mg.will that help???  And what is cdt ??

Hi there - thanks for the update. Yes, grinding teeth mean pain. Would keep with the aspirin. Yes, you can use the cipro - one halfo  500 mg tablet crushed and dissolved in hot water - cool and give orally -repeat in 6 hours.  Yes, a farm/feed store would have antibiotics nd needles and syringes and the CDT toxoid. CDT is a vaccination for enterotoxemia and tetanus.  Hope this helps - let me know - and never worry about calling me. Donna


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