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QUESTION: I have a baby goat, 3 days old.  She wants to lay down most of the time instead of running and jumping like her sister.  She doesn't follow her mother like her sister does.  She finds a place to lay down and sleeps.  I wasn't sure she was pooping so I gave her an enema with a soft pale yellow/gray return.  She is eating but not as often as her sister.  I don't want to lose her.  Any suggestions?

ANSWER: She is not with her mom?  What type of milk is she on? Where is she - in house - in barn?  Could be pneumonia or the beginning of enterotoxemia.  Did she pass her tar type poop?  Let me know - Donna

PS Have you taken a temperature - measurement?

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QUESTION: The twins were born during the night so I don't know if she passed the meconium stool.  Her temp was 103.6 when I took it.  She is on her mothers milk.  Her belly is soft and non tender but she acts like she is getting spasms.  When it happens she cries, straightens her back legs and turns her head toward her stomach.

ANSWER: Anything over 102.5 indicates a fever/infection.  The possible spasms could indicate E.coli or enterotoxemia - would start on CDT toxoid vaccination at 1/2 cc now, again in 2 hours, again 2 hours after that and then tomorrow twice 2 hours apart.  Would also start her on antibiotics - what do you have available to you?  Could use penicillin at 1/2 cc intramuscular injection twice a day for 3 days or could use an oral antibiotic - Sulmet or duramycin or terramycin - I would have to know what you have to give you a dose for one of these.  Would start her on milk of magnesia to coat her tummy and clean it out.  Let me know - Donna - you're also welcome to give me a call anytime at 360-742-8310 - I was out of internet range the majority of today, my day off from regular work - so sorry for the lateness of the answer.  Donna

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QUESTION: Was able to start the CDT injections.  Will have to get the PCN tomorrow.  I also gave her some baby aspirin.  Thanks for your help.

Glad you started the CDT vaccinations.  Totally forgot about giving some aspirin - great idea - a high fever can certainly also cause neurologic issues of spasms and strange behavior such as the straightening of the back legs.  You can give the aspirin at 1/2 to 1 of an 81 mg low dose every 4 hours until the fever has broken.  Hope this helps - Donna


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