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Goats/Doe not right after kidding


My 4 year old doe kidded 2 days ago with twin bucks and passed her afterbirth.  However, she isn't quite right. Her temp is normal, 102.9 one evening, 101.9 the next morning.  She appears to be stiff when she walks, and not sure of her footing, like an old goat.  She wasn't like this before she kidded.  She grinds her teeth and I notice her flanks go in and out rapidly.  At first I thought she had pneumonia, but I've ruled that out.  I gave her thiamine tonight but it didn't make a difference.  She is eating and drinking water. I can't figure it out!

I would start her on antibiotics and banamine, if you have it. Oxytetracycline is good for uterine infections, which is what she may have. The teeth grinding is pain. The temps are not abnormal for a goat, though. Was the kidding normal? Is she eating and drinking all right? Encourage water, especially since she is feeding two kids. Get her some browse or other roughage to ensure that her rumen is functioning well. Let me know if she has other signs, or contact a vet. It isn't really clear to me what is causing the pain.


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