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Goat nose 2
Goat nose 2  
Goats nose
Goats nose  
Thank you so much for all the help and info on Monday.
We have dusted and (pasted) our goats for mites and have given them each 1/2" of the Zimectrin. We also dusted their bedding.  I do however have a few photos I will send you - as one of our goats has something on his nose.  Basically it looks like his fur has rubbed off and there are a few larger bumps on the nose area as well.  Not sure if you think this is also mites or lice?
Thanks again,

ANSWER: Thanks for the photos.  Looks like mange mites - would give another dose of the Zimectrin - this will not hurt them.  Would also put paste on these areas too.  Dust once again.  This could also go along with a selenium deficiency?  Did we talk about that before?  If not, use of human selenium tablets and vitamin E and D may help.  If under one year of age, give each five of the 200 mcg selenium tablets crushed and dissolved in a little hot water and add all the oil from a 1000 IU vitamin E capsule and all the oil from an 800 IU vitamin D capsule, mix, cool and give orally, repeating in 10 days.  If over one year of age use ten of the 200 mcg selenium tablets and the same E and D.  Hope this helps. Keep me posted - Donna

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Mange mites?  What on earth?  How do they get that?  Is there something we are doing wrong?  Perhaps change the straw bedding more often?  We gave them 1/2" of the Zimectrin yesterday, so it is ok to give another 1/2" tomorrow???  They are just under a year and less than 100lbs each.

Will paste the area - was afraid because of all the warnings on the package about "hazard/do not injest inhale"

Will also dust their bodies again and bedding - after we change the straw.

Selenium deficiency?  No, we have not spoken about that!  What is that and what causes?
Will get those 3 tablets and start that right away.

THANK YOU SO MUCH - the internet is amazing.
Do you see anything on our dear goat that is cause for concern?


Thanks for the info.  Would wait 7 days to re dose with the Zimectrin.  Using the paste helps keep any medication from getting into the airways.  

Everyone in the world has mange mites around and at one time or another or more often, especially winter time and wet weather the little mites dig in and create issues - bumps, hair loss, itching, some scabbing may occur.  

Re the selenium deficiency - many times this occurs on the nose and legs.  Some goats need more than others and many times need extra selenium.  Use of human selenium with vitamin E and D works well to take care of the deficiency.  The dosing depends on how old they are - let me know and I will give you the dosing - this is an oral dose.  Most goats should have this type of dose twice a year and some need it more often.

Doubt this is anything other than mange mites and/or selenium deficiency.  Let me know - Donna


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