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Hi Donna, Thank you in advance for your assistance...I have a 3 year old Nigerian Dwarf who is 3 months pregnant (3rd freshening). She is eating well and appears fine however she is loosing her hair.  At first I thought that it was only around her collar but I have since observed that the hair loss is all over. I live in VA and our temperatures have gone from cold (for a few days) to warmer (the last couple of days).  Do goats shed with the seasons or do you think that she has a problem? I am new to raising goats and appreciate your input.  Thank you.

This is probably a selenium deficiency.  Goats do shed but a heavy hair coat would generally only shed in the spring to summer time.  Even if the goats have a selenium block/mineral block with selenium in it, some just need more selenium than others.  I would suggest use of ten of the 200 mcg human selenium tablets crushed and dissolved in a little hot water and then add all the oil from a 1000 IU capsule of vitamin E and all the oil from an 800 IU capsule of vitamin D, mix well, cool a little, and give orally.  Repeat in 10 days.  In 10 days from original dose you should see the start of new hair growth and stopping of the loss of hair.  None of this will hurt the fetuses.  In fact 4 weeks prior to kidding I always give my does a booster dose (same amount) to help with contractions and strength of the kids (white/weak muscle disease).  Hope this helps - Donna


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