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Goats/goat swallowing and regurgitates.


I have two 2 year old female Nubian mix goats which I purchased last Spring. One has always eaten slowly and usually regurgitates near the end of eating. Prior to the regurgitation, she stretches her neck and cocks her head, as if working a lodged piece of food out for more chewing. After many tries at this she will throw-up some of what she has just eaten. She will do this when eating grain, grass, or twigs, but not bread or cooked oat meal. My other 2 goats never have this problem, maybe genetic. She shows no pain, just mild discomfort. The problem is getting worse and I am now a little worried. The seller told me this happened to another goat before, and it resolved itself with time but this might happen with my goat. Have you any suggestions?

It is abnormal for a goat to regurgitate. She has an obstruction of some kind. It may be getting larger, which makes it harder to swallow. You really need a vet to determine what it is and whether it can be removed. It could be some kind of growth or other abnormality, or a pouch where food gets stuck. If she has had it since she was a kid, it may be a structural abnormality. Please let me know if you find out and good luck resolving the problem.


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