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My Nubian had her 1st kid this morning and it was dead. By 6;PM she seemed distressed. No other kid born. Called a friend who said she probably needed her placenta removed. I went in up to elbow. Did not feel any other baby but lots of stuff in there.  Pulled out placental material. She seemed fine.  Milked her out.  Plan is to go tomorrow morning for penicillin, probios and nutridrench for her. Did I hurt her by pulling out placenta? If she survives her dumb owners will she have normal birth process again?

Don't be too hard on yourself. We do the best we can in the circumstances, and are always learning.

There may still be placenta in there. They can go up to 12 hours before it is considered retained, for the future. I have had them go longer, but usually give oxytocin if that happens. I recommend that you get oxytetracycline rather than penicillin. You only have to give a shot every 48 hours, so it is easier on the goat. Also, a lot of bacteria can be resistant to penicillin. If you can get sterile water at the drug store, you should also consider putting some of the antibiotic in it to put into the uterus.

Keep a close eye on her, take her temp and most likely everything will turn out fine. If you have other goats and they have dead kids, consider a necropsy. Hopefully this is just one of those things.


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