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I have a baby pygmy goat that was given to me. She is about 2 weeks old.  Eating wonderfully, running, playing being mischievous everything a normal little goat kid should be.  This is new to me, she walks on her knuckles(knees, first joint) of her front legs.  Acts like they are bow legged.  It doesn't stop her one bit from being active like the other 2 kids i got from this lady.  My question is what can i do to help this little girl.  I am taking her to the vet this morning to find out because i am thinking selenium or copper deficiency or some other deficiency of some kind.  The lady i got her from said she started this a couple days after her mamma abandoned her. They said the mamma gave birth, turned around sniffed her and walked away. I think Mamma must have known something was wrong with her.  Anyway, all joints move like they should, she is not stoved up where they cannot move normal and if you work them, she will stand on them kind of straight but her legs are bowed.  Any suggestions on what to do?

So you are talking about the joint at the cannont bone - closest to the hoof - the knee joint is the higher up joint just before you get to the body of the goat.  If this is true then this is probably just selenium deficiency - would suggest using one 200 mcg selenium tablet (human) crushed and dissolved in a little hot water and added to that half the oil from a 1000 IU vitamin E capsule and half the oil from an 800 IU vitamin D capsule - mix, cool and give orally.  Repeat this tomorrow and possibly will need a third dose in 5 days after the 2nd dose.  It is possible this is a deformity from the way she was in the uterus.  She may also be lacking iodine or even extra calcium.  What type of milk formula do you have her on?  Let me know - don't let anyone talk you into not trying some items for her.   Unfortunately a worst case scenario might be that the doe was given tetracycline in her pregnancy and this is a definite skeletal malformation or the doe ate something like sweet pea flowers/plant which also will cause skeletal malformation.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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