QUESTION: Hi there,
Our goat has small bumps on the inside and outside of his ears. He also has a small patch of fur rubbed off from his nose area.
What could be causing this?
Thank you so much,

ANSWER: Sounds like manage mites.  Would do two things.  Use livestock or poultry dust (mites, lice, etc.) made into a paste with water and then cover the affected areas.  Also use the dust to dust the whole goat, staying away from the face with the powder/dusting process.  This alone should take care of it.  If you have other goats in with this goat would also dust them, along with the bedding.  You can re dust in 2 weeks.  I also generally advise also using Zimectrin oral horse wormer, which has ivermectin in it, and this kills parasites from the inside out.  What age of goat is this, then I can give you the dosing if you'd like to also use this product.  Let me know - hope this helps - Donna

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: We just had one of our goats die!  Appeared perfectly healthy, with the exception of these bumps!  She all of a sudden just became lethargic.  We now have 2 goats, about 9 months old and are very worried that perhaps the bumps, which we thought were nothing to worry about, may have been something worse.  
The other 2 goats seem fine.  I will go get the poultry dust right away and see what happens.  Also, the Zimectrin - yes the dosage would be great.  We do also have a goat dewormer med, not sure what it is called. Can we use that instead, or do you suggest the Zimectrin?

ANSWER: If the bumps are very small, with no pustules/discharge, and feel a little on the hard side these would be mites.  Mites will not cause death.  How old was the goat that died?  Was it eating and drinking well?  Did it have any foam around its mouth?  The age of the goat would help me figure out what might have killed it.  The only wormer that kills parasites from the inside out is ivermectin and the oral horse wormer Zimectrin (or if the feed store has a generic Zimectrin - has ivermectin in it at 1.87% - then you can use that one) has the 1.87% ivermectin in it and works very well and is easy to give.  If the goats are under 100 pounds then you would give 1/2 inch of the wormer orally - I usually just put it on my finger and then put it in the goat's mouth.  You can repeat this in 2 weeks if you want.  For goats who are 100 pounds or more you double that weight and find the closest higher dose on the plunger and then you put the lock in place at that measurement, then place the end of the tube in the goat's mouth and squeeze.  The wormer stays good on a cool shelf or in the refrig.  Let me know about the goat that died as I would like to help figure out what happened just in case it could be something contagious or something you have on your property.  Thanks - Donna

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Yes, the bumps are small and hard!  No discharge.
Toby was between 9 months - 14 months.  Not exactly sure.
Yes, he appeared to be eating and drinking - my daughters typically take care of them, so I will have to ask specifically....but as far as I know, there was not much area for concern.  NO foam.

Thanks for the info.  Would love to know more symptoms or whatever they noticed about him the day before.  Lethargy can come from pneumonia or enterotoxemia or poison intake.  Whatever they can remember would be helpful - was he bloated? did he have regular poop?  when did they notice he stopped eating? did he stay away from the other goats?  Thanks much - Donna


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