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QUESTION: yesterday i noticed one of the scurs on a 2-yr-old nigerian looked strange.   the scur is about the size of the end of my thumb and is usually smooth but it looked kind of pimply/oozy/bloody.   I put some peroxide on it and i ordered some blu kote.    I have that puffer stuff  you mentioned in an earlier conversation (that's how I found you).    Should I try that?     I've also read that Ivermectin might help.  I'd appreciate any guidance.

if it is infected, how did it happen?    is it contagious?  do you think it's just confined to the horn or would it go into her skull?    
I have tetanus antitoxin, C&D-Tetanus Toxoid, and sterile penicillin G procaine.    should I start her on any of those?   What dosage?   oh and I am pretty sure she was bred in December, if that matters.

I don't want to try so many things simulataneously that I kill her.    She's my favorite.    Thanks.

ANSWER: Hi there - would definitely give tetanus toxoid (CDT is fine) since she is pregnant.  Would start her on a course of antibiotics - penicillin at 3 cc/100 pounds body weight twice a day for 5 days.  Intramuscular injection is best - you have to draw back on the plunger once the needle is in the thigh muscle (best place) of the rear leg to be sure you're not in a vein - red would color the penicillin quickly if that happened, then start over.  Also should be on probiotics during this time.   None of this will hurt the fetus(es).  You might check her temperature and if over 102.5 then that would clinch the infection thought.  She may have gotten hit by another goat, but infection is more possible.  Hope this helps - Donna

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QUESTION: thanks for answering so quickly, Donna.   I'll start giving her everything tomorrow.   are the probiotics because she is pregnant?
Probiotics are different than minerals, right?   Can I get them at Valley Vet?
should I also put something on the horn?   
she isn't contagious, is she?
this is a wonderful thing you are doing to help us help our goats.    
Thanks for the information.

Probiotics are good bacteria - yogurt or gel or powder types are all fine - just once a day while she is on antibiotics as the antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria so we want the rumen to remain healthy (has lots of good bacteria for processing her food).  And, yes, probiotics are different than minerals.  I generally just use yogurt - use about 2 tablespoons of yogurt mixed with a little water to thin it so I can put it in an oral dosing syringe or turkey baster and give to her orally.  

Totally forgot to say you could put something on the horn - thanks for the reminder.  I would clean it off once a day with hydrogen peroxide and then add either NFZ puffer or a livestock antibiotic powder or ointment after that - would do this everyday for 5 days.  Most likely this is not contagious, just an infection, and most of the time these are difficult to give to another goat unless the other goat has a huge open wound and fresh pus from her injection drops right into the other goat's open wound - not very likely at all.  

Hope this helps - always welcome to ask questions - thanks - Donna


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