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Goats/ivermectin, penecilin and multivitamin injection in pergnant goat safe?


Hi there, we are currently in the Gambia, West Africa. Our pregnant goat just delivered a dead baby goat. Last week the vet injected her with ivermectin, penecillin, and a multivitamin (bacause other goats had a crusty nose. She had a little bit of it. The goat screemed and through herself around that daywith one of the injections. When the dead goat was born, just now its eyes were still closed but it looked ready to be born. A little blood came out the nostril when the head slipped out, perhaps it died because the delivery took too long? We were there as soon as we heard the goat screem. The goat slipped out 20 minutes later.
Any answer would be appreciated,
a very sad Doerthe and Abibu.

I am so sorry about losing your little kid. It doesn't sound like the cause of death was the delivery taking too long, if the mother was able to push the kid out herself. Some goats scream when they start pushing. Twenty minutes is not usually too long for that.

None of these medications should have caused the death of the baby either, although ivermectin should be given orally to goats and not injected. I don't know if the vet gave it in the muscle, but I give all injections subcutaneously, which is less painful.

I have never seen bleeding from the nose of a newborn kid, so I wonder whether something was wrong with it that caused the death.

Again, I am so sorry about your loss.


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