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Goats/our little goat is still not good .


QUESTION: since we lasted talked . he was doing better .but as soon as i took my 4 week old off of of pepto and piealite he had loose stool but was not bad and it was still a dark color he still was a happy playful one .than i talked to a friends ,friend that raies goat and he told me that whole milk mixer is so much better for him and that the milk replacemsmt was why his stool was still loose .so i tryed his mixer and my little guy is not worse his stool is runny and is changed colors .i gave him pepto he is still acting ok and it is not all the time mostly right after he eats .he had two bottles of whole milk and now he is on replacement .noone tolded me i should not change his milk all at once .i dont think he is to bad but i am concered that i might have made it worst .please help me get him well and happy .

ANSWER: What color is the diarrhea?  Green is coccidiosis, yellow is enterotoxemia, brown is digestive upset, and white/cream color is E. Coli.  I disagree that whole milk is better - the molecules are five times larger than milk replacer or goat milk and can cause stress and digestive issues along the way.  But, you are the one treating/feeding.  Let me know - Donna

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: it was yellow at first we do not have a vet to treat goats but a lady at the vet told me to use neomycin so i have been putting it in his milk about 1.2ml     per day for two days and started pepto yesterday his stool changed colors back dark but still runny when he has a bottle .but he did not have a bowl movement yet this morning .still eating good .do you think he may be eating to fasted ?should i get a new nipple for his bottle ?could that causes him to have loose stool ? i am not going to use milk again because it gave him trouble and i am not going to listen to that man because he should have told me not to change him all at once .  so from now on you are my guide.

If the diarrhea was yellow it is enterotoxemia and CDT toxoid vaccination along with oral antibiotics should take care of it - twice a day for 5 days.  Pepto is fine too.  Does the kid's tummy "slosh" when you shake it gently? What type of nipple are you using?  A Pritchard teat is best.  How much is the little one eating and how often?  The color change in the diarrhea is from the pepto bismol, so he still probably has enterotoxemia.  If you can would treat for the entero - give 1 cc CDT toxoid vaccination once and then again in 2 hours and then again in 8 hours.  Also, the neomycin to use as an oral antibiotic - if that is what you have - is this liquid or powder?  If powder it should be 1/4 teaspoon twice a day - given as an oral drench not with the milk.  I have not used the liquid before so do not know if the 1.2 ml suggested is correct or not.  Is the kid otherwise still eating and sucking well?  Let me know - Donna


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