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Goats/Lost 4 day old baby goat...devastated!


Hi! I recently was given 2 Nigerian goats, which I was told were both baby girls. Turned out one was a boy and the girl was pregnant. We had no idea when she was due and not positive she was pregnant. When we got to the barn in the morning, it was evident something had occurred during the night. I then found a stillborn baby still in its sac laying in the straw. I was so upset! If I had been there for the birthing, would she have been ok? Then I noticed that the doe was acting strange and thought there might be a second baby. I called the vet and he couldn’t come out for several hours. The baby never came on its own and since I didn’t know what time the first baby was born, it could have been more than 12 hours between birthing. The vet delivered the second baby, a boy. He was very weak and couldn’t stand or nurse on his own. I helped him and decided to bring him home out of the cold for the night. I bottle fed him and he slept on my chest all night. I was in love! The next day he was still weak but I brought him back to his mom during the day to nurse with assistance and home at night. He was beginning to walk on his own but still sleeping almost all the time and had to be woken up to eat. I called the vet on the fourth day since he was losing progress. Not walking again and seeming too weak to hold his head up. I had an appointment as soon as the vet came in at 5 pm. I brought his to be with his mom during the day but he just slept the whole day. When I woke him to feed him, he wouldn’t wake up and his temp dropped to 95. I had him on a heating pad. I gave him nutridrench and got him in a warm car. He gasped for air and I knew I was losing him. I drove as fast as I could to the vet but it was too late. I am devastated! I really fell in love with this little guy. Since this was my first time, what should I have done differently?

I am sorry for your Loss. Your story made me cry. Do not blame yourself, first of all. I wonder if mom was too young. I suggest you up or get Goat Health Care or Raising GOats for Dummies from the library and read up on pregnancy, feeding etc. I try to be with all my goats when they kid. Just turn the tragedy into a learning situation. And be kind to yourself. I know how losing the babies can break your heart.


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