Hi Donna , how are you tonight ? Thought I'd update you on maples progress . Since the last time i talked to you , the day after she had been doing so well she took a turn for the worse again . Remembering what you said about the penicillin , i decided to start her on that , twice a day along with her probiotics , that was four days ago . The first day of her injections she steadily got worse , and the second day worse again staggering and weak , so much so  that night i didn't bother with her shot . Her chest was raddling and was evident that she had pneumonia . The last time i saw this the animal died the following day . The next morning i went out to do chores and to take maple out , as i was sure she would be dead . I got to her pen and she was laid out trapped under the feeder and was very vocal about the whole thing . I rescued her from that and propped her up under the heat lamp and began my chores . To my absolute amazement when i came back around to maple she was up eating hay and feed and water , i believe not sure what she wanted cause she wanted it all . I resumed her injections of pen intramuscular , very carefully as she is very skinny , and she has improved every day since . She is one for the books and all i can figure out is she had a case of pneumonia but not full blown , and is a very lucky girl i didn't take my friends advice and put her down . She is frail but i believe i should give her 7 days of pen . She only weighs about 25 lbs so i am giving her 3 cc 2x daily . Any other suggestions you have are appreciated , its your judgement saved this little girl . Shes got a long road ahead of her , but i believe with her determination to survive she just may have a chance . Thanks

So wonderful to hear - indeed sometimes they get worse before they get better.  7 days of the pen is a good idea.  Amount is fine.  Is she also on probiotics and B complex?  Might continue the probiotics and B complex after she is done with her pen perhaps twice a week to give her system a little boost.  Also might suggest she get vitamin D3 at 2000 units twice a week (this oral too) and that will help her immune system.  Any extra items you want to try on her to put some weight on would be great - a little bread as one suggestion.  Calf manna/starter helps.  Even senior horse feed does well to help put weight on goats.  Hope this helps - indeed she is a determined little lady - very nice.  Donna


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