QUESTION: Hi Donna , Maple doesn't seem to be improving , at times seems she is , but others not at all . Started the antibiotics , the la pen . Just to get some nourishment in her the last 3 days I've give her raw goats milk at about a cup and a half twice daily . HER TEMP IS 99.1 . Gave her probiotics . As of late i noticed she is yawning , like trying to get a big gulp of air , reminds me of my asthma as i do this periodically . I hate to say it but i believe this is a loosing battle and am inclined to put her down , and if she were in pain i would not hesitate . My problem is she goes to the hay and the feed and wants to eat but won't or can't . Seems like someone with canser , to bad there isn't a steroid for goats . A kind old lady , has told me instead of the milk because of her age i should give her whey , as the milk may cause acidosis , Is this what i should be giving ? Thanks . By the way this has been progressively getting worse for the past 8 weeks , with little or no improvement . I also am still giving probiotics vit B , and E .

ANSWER: So have you ever tried the real penicillin?? The LA 200 is not a penicillin so is that what you have her on now?  The penicillin is the true test of being able to see if we can get her better - 3 cc/100 pounds twice a day for 7 days.  Must be intramuscular.  If you want to do subcu then you must double or triple the amount.  Old wives tale about milk causing acidosis - whey is just intensified milk protein.  Would go with a different and heavier duty antibiotic.  Let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Hi Donna , you won't believe this , but Maple since this early afternoon has done a complete turn around . She is eating hay like shes never had it before , I even stayed with her for a good half hour and she eat all that time , shes eating her grain , and when i went in tonight with her milk , which still has closterum in it , before i could get the drencher ready she had her head in the container and drank the works of it . I'm not sure what combination of things i did that turned this around , but i know theres only one thing i added , and that was a zantac . I do have the regular pen , but with the improvement , I'm not sure if we should change it , but if you think its best i will as I trust your expertise and judgement . Let me know . Thanks for your help , looks like this girl may make it after all , been a long downward battle and its one I'm glad , for her and me , may finally be over . Also I'm going to continue the milk and vitamins as long as she wants it .

Thanks for the update - again the kitchen sink method wins! - nice job - sometimes you just have to keep at it and add what you feel might help - and you have done all that - I agree with not changing to penicillin - keeping her on the regimen you currently have her on including the zantac for another 5 days with her being good still at the end of that time period would be my advice - so good to hear.  And, yes, whatever you want to give her nutritionally is fine.  Donna


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