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QUESTION: Hi Donna , how are you ? I may or may not have a kid on the verge of something . Today i noticed that he had a pretty messy butt , and luckily he had a poop in front of me , not runny but soft and yellow , not like entrotoxima , like milk poop . It's plain , because of the mess on him earlier he had the  runs .I think , because moms milk is very rich , and mom is a first timer she doesn't know when to say when , or stop him from nursing . I did give him a medicine to harden up his stole , but he seems a bit off it , it could be the cold , i don't know . Should i give him a bit of antibiotic ? I have Agrimycin 200 now , and of course both types of pen , la and fast acting , also noramycin . This is a first for a kid nursing that I've seen this , so any advice you can give will be helpful . I should mention he's been the picture of health accept for this and is about 2 weeks old at 10 lb best guess . Thanks

ANSWER: Sorry for the delayed answer, computer system glitch.  Sounds like E. coli if not as yellow as enterotoxemia but still can be enterotoxemia - CDT toxoid to start 1 cc now and again in 4 hours, antibiotics, penicillin is best - milk of magnesia to clear stomach.  Let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Hi Donna , i don't have CDT toxoid but will get some . When i didn't hear back from i tried my own cottail of remedys . I gave him half a zantac crushed up for his bellie and a half B50 complex and 400 vitamin e , a small bit of the oil in the pill . Yesterday he showed some improvement , i repeated the treatment last night and today he seems to be all better . It definitely was something because his poo was real bad smelling . I will write down your suggestions just to be safe in the future , what i did worked this time but may not the next time . That being said Maple if you remember her a young lamancha had a rough time , loosing a lot of weight . I've been able to bring her back , by giving vitamin b 50 and vitamin e , but she still doesn't eat like she should , hard to get her to eat grain , and this is what she needs to get the weight back on . She will take a bit of bread , and loves bananas . How long can i keep her on the b50 and the vitamin e , and if she wants it should i give her the bananas . She has no temp , and has been wormed for everything , good poops . Just is so skinny , O she also is under a heat lamp 24/7 . Any suggestions . Thanks

ANSWER: So sorry I did not get back to you sooner - I was not getting my text alerts to say I had allexpert questions - very frustrating - but now it is supposedly fixed - so far, so good.  Glad you tried something and that it worked.  With the bad smelling poop it certainly could be the beginning of enterotoxemia or just a digestive upset.  Re Maple, did I have you check her lower inner eyelid color? Can you get calf manna there? Most all goats love this and will readily eat it with gusto, and it helps them gain weight.  You could also try senior horse grain as it has a higher protein and higher fat and again most goats love this.  You can keep her on the vitamin B and E for as long as you like.  Is she still on probiotics?  If not, would keep her on those at least every few days.  She can have all the bananas she wants.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Hi Donna , i understand computer problems don't worry about it . It was good for me to stand on my own two feet anyway . You have taught me a lot , time i used some of that knowledge . I checked Maples eyelids and gums and they are very pink the way they should be . I had a friend over who also has goats and he said the same thing happened to him , and only after she got on green grass and browse she recovered . I'm not going to wait for that and will try the calf manna , and perhaps carrots and lettuce , fresh veges . She eat a whole banana this morning skin and all . Tonight I'll give her another one . How much food value is there in a banana for a goat ? Thanks

Hi there - yes to the green grass and browse - this means higher protein so the calf manna will provide the same items including lots of vitamins and minerals.  Bananas provide a high potassium level which is great for goats, as well as B vitamins and vitamin C, and iron.  

As to browse and green grass - my son is into hydroponics for vegetables and he is helping to send me plans for production of fodder hydroponically - I am just finding out that this is not new and there are some companies out there who have set ups for sale - you get high quality feed for livestock in 7 days - you buy the seed - corn, oats, barley, rye, etc. and in 7 days you have a "mat" of fodder what is nutritious.  Will let you know when I finally get that started.  



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