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Hi Donna,

I thank you for the help with my goat kids mucous poop situation I gave him the CDT vaccine as you said and it cleared up just fine and he's doing well.  So on to our next problem last night I found a lump on his throat. its right near his right wattle but not attached.  It's round like and firm but not rock hard.  It's just below his jaw right next to his Adams apple.  Thoughts? wattle cyst?

First I thought milk goiter but I have little experience with it and its round and only on one side.  

I don't think it's CL since we've never had a case of it on the farm, I nor my goats have been exposed to others within the last year, and this baby has been in my house since he was 3 hours old.  

Thanks again!

Glad the kids are better.  The cyst sounds like a wattle cyst.  This is usually filled with clear fluid.  It may go away by itself, it may need to be lanced if it gets bigger.  I have seen these as large as golf balls and then they were lanced and compression/bandage kept on them for a few days and they did not return.  I have also also seen these wattle cysts stay small and never get bigger or just go away on their own.  Either way they are not a disease symptom and certainly not contagious.  If it is not next to a wattle it can be an abscess but I doubt this.  Would just keep an eye on it. Hope this helps - Donna


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