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QUESTION: We bought four pygmies this morning and was told one of the nannies would have her babies in a few days.  Well SURPRISE we have two beautiful babies tonight.
I have given the momma a mixture that was recommended to be given right away called Goat Gatorade (water, sugar, salt and a little soda).  She REALLY sucked it down.  What can I do for her to keep her and the babies healthy over the next few days!  Thought I'd have more time to research!

ANSWER: Keeping them warm, making sure the doe is eating well, making sure the kid goats are eating well especially colostrum over the first 2 days of life.  Would not give the gatorade formula too much - offering warm molasses flavored water works best - re hydrates the doe and gives her sugar for energy.  Did she pass the placenta?  Did you take it away?  I would advise against letting her eat it.  Are they in their own stall, and if not would advise that.  Did the doe have her CDT toxoid vaccination booster 4 weeks prior to kidding? If not at first sign of yellow diarrhea (not the normal soft poop at about 5 days of age, but true diarrhea) would need to get the kids their CDT vaccinations started.  This is available at feed stores.  Is the doe doing well with the kids, allowing them to nurse, cleaning them, etc.?  If it is cold outside they may need a heat lamp - we're talking anywhere from 50 to 60 degrees.  If it is colder than that unless their stall is very warm might think about bringing them inside somewhere warmer - here in Washington state if the temp gets less than 40 degrees new moms and their kids come inside.  Do not allow the kids and doe to be with the other goats as this would put the kids in harms way.  If the kids get any diarrhea or you see them not drinking from mom, perhaps standing in the corner, something will need to be done immediately - let me know if that happens.  Hope this helps - keep me posted.  Donna

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QUESTION: Thanks for answering so quickly.  We threw away the placentas.  I will switch her to molasses water and I dont know if she has had shots, worming or anything. She is an awesome mom.  Just checked on her and she is cleaning, feeding and cooing to them.  So sweet.
She is in her own place thanks to our Billy goat Thunder.  He is lying in the doorway and wont allow the other nannies inside.  If they try he butts them.  Didnt know a goat would do that.  He goes over, checks on them and goes back and lies down.  A good daddy.
When and what should I feed her?  I will go to the store first thing tomorrow.  Thanks for your help, you are a Godsend.

ANSWER: You can give her a general livestock pelleted feed - this has 14% protein and lots of vitamins and minerals - start with 1/2 cup twice a day and then probably increase over the next 7 days to 1 cup twice daily.  Let me know - you are always welcome to call with emergent concerns - 360-742-8310.  Donna

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QUESTION: Just checked and we have a problem.  One of the babies is still very shaky and when she walks, her back feet are bent back and she is trying to walk on the tops of her feet. Almost looks like some type of paralysis.  Help

Hi there - so sorry I missed the text message that I had an e-mail - please call next time.  The kid is mist likely selenium deficiency - would take inside to bottle feed and start on one 200 mcg tablet of human selenium crushed and dissolved in a little hot water with half the oil from an 800 IU capsule of vitamin D and half the oil from a 1000 IU capsule of vitamin E added to the mixture, mixed, cooled and give orally - then repeat tomorrow morning - you should see improvement in 12 to 24 hours.  Let me know - please do call with emergent items - Donna


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