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QUESTION: Our goat delivered triplets about 2 hours ago.  The first was breech, we delivered him and he is fine. The second baby was a "normal" delivery.  The last baby was born about 15 min after the other 2. Also  a normal presentation.  She is very tiny..about 2 lbs.  She is very rattly and grunty when she breathes. We have brought them all in the house due to the cold.  She can't suck due to her breathing issues.  I have given her bova sera as recommended by Hoegger's to boost immune system.  Also, dripped her some goat drench for some quick energy.  She responds to tactile stimuli like the others, she has cried too.  Currently she is sleeping with a resp rate of about 45.  Any suggestions?  Should I cover her with PCN?  How much for her weight?  Thank you so much!

ANSWER: She needs colostrum asap. Do you have a feeding tube? I dont know what pcn is. She needs moms milk. Also if you have bose give about 1/8 cc.Or otherwise open a vit E capsule and give her that. Good luck with getting her going. Let me know if you have questions.

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QUESTION: I have tube fed her 30cc. Some crying after feeding with stimulation...Should I give her penicillin (pcn) in case she did aspirate at birth?  I did some research on line, the dose would be around 1/2 cc. for 5 days.  I mixed nutradrench with her milk, hoping to give her an extra energy boost.  Some articles I read said to tube feed every 4-6 hours others said to try to tube feed every 2-3 hours.  Should I start with the closer feedings?  Her tongue is still a dark, dusky color....I'm thinking that her oxygen levels must be on the low side....but I don't know how to fix that!  I appreciate all of your help and insight!

ANSWER: I wouldn't put her through the pain of injections unless you are seeing/hearing signs of pneumonia. I would also suggest giving the nutridrench separately, but it is good for the energy. You can also alternate electrolytes with milk. Is she breathing all right? You have probably already made a determination on closer feelings. As long as she isn't over fed.there are feeding charts on the web. Let me know if she is still with us and improving or not. Thanks!

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QUESTION: She passed away early this AM.  I think she aspirated at birth.  Continued to have rattly breathing.  So far, not the best of kidding seasons.  Hoping to finish strong.  Thank you so much for your help!

I am sorry you lost here. That's hard. I forgot to say, that when they aspirate, or it appears that way, you should pick the kid up by the hind legs briefly to let fluid come out of the mouth and lungs. I also swing mine, but was just told by a vet student that they no longer recommend that. Anyway, with her tiny size, she may have had something else going on anyway. Doesn't make it easier, but sometimes we just cannot save them. Good luck on the rest of your kidding. Mine doesn't even start until the end of March.


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