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I had a set of triplets born thursday the 21st to a first time mother and she ignored the first born in favor of the second two louder more demanding babies. It was a cold morning but when I noticed that the other two were up and nursing and this first babies was not. I decided to bring her in the house to warm her up. I got her temp up to 101 fairly quickly and she took right to a bottle. I tried to get colostrum out of the mother but she fought me and I lost what little I was able to obtain so I gave the baby some store bought colostrum and she took right to the bottle. During the night she took less and less formula (feeding every 2 hours until she refused any by morning and was becoming weaker. She did poop the typical sticky tar but did not urinate at all. All day today I have been tube feeding her formula consisting of canned goat milk with a little yogurt, dyne (a high calorie food supplement and very sweet) By this afternoon, she still has not urinated but has pooped 3 or 4 times, I started on sub-Q fluids of lactated ringers and was tubing lactated ringers mixed with pedialite. Still she will not urinate and she is looking pretty grim. What should I do? Her temp is now at 102.7, she is in an incubator with the temp set at 85. she will stand up and makes noise like she wants to eat but fights me at every attempt to bottle feed or tube feed.

First, I would advise against lactated ringers especially orally.  Is her belly full feeling or sloshing? The temp is a fever and so indicates an infection.  Most likely the mom has an intrauterine infection that may or may not cause issues or symptoms in the mom but that passes on to the weakest kid goat.  Would start immediately with penicillin injections at 1/2 cc twice a day for 3 days.  Would give just colosturm powder for the next 3 days.  The kid has no rumen so yogurt is not necessary.  I also find that lactated ringers is a hard formula for subcutaneous injections for hydration.  Would use plain sterile water.  Would tube electrolytes - pedialyte type. The fever will dehydrate and as such not leave her anything to pee.  Would give 1/2 of a low dose 81 mg human aspirin tablet crushed and dissolved in a little hot water every 6 hours until fever is down - probably just two doses may do.  Hope this helps - let me know.  Donna


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